First serious steps

I made it. Today was my first day off my day job because I am now officially part-time. It’s kind of exciting and still a little nerve-wracking, but overall it’s a super positive step on my journey. My secure but confining house is behind me, I’ve passed the edge of the forest and I’m heading off in between the trees.

And in a great sign of things to come, the other day I saw that my turkey spirit guide had some babies. It took me a really long time to work out what the little brown fuzzballs scurrying around the street were. It must have a nest in some very tolerant neighbour’s backyard.

I spent the entire day today processing photos from my first portraiture/personal shoot. A friend from work asked if I would be willing to photograph her young daughter. By “coincidence” the day that worked best for both of us was the Saturday right before the week I went part-time.

The shoot was unpaid–a favour to a friend–because I really wasn’t confident in my ability to take good photos of people. Up until now, my photography has focused almost totally on landscapes and weather, with the occasional still life thrown in. In the end, though, it worked out really well and I got some shots I’m really happy with.

I have taken my first serious steps on the path to becoming a professional artist/writer/photographer.



I’m starting to realise that my attention span, in relation to creative endeavours, is slightly shorter than that of a sugar-crazed squirrel in a forest full of trail-mix and rabid dogs. I started this blog almost six months ago with an idea for a novel about storm chasing. I spent a bit of time on that and then progressed through a series of photographic projects. Then yoga. Then learning French. Then an idea for a visual novel. Then an idea for an urban fantasy. interspersed all that with a series of trashy romance stories that will only ever be published under a pseudonym, should I ever finish any. And now the next thing…

…wait for it…

…steampunk Christmas decorations.

I know. “WTF?!” doesn’t even begin to cover it. My turkey spirit guide has been hanging around quite a bit lately so something like this was bound to happen. But even I wasn’t expecting the sheer magical insanity of this idea.

And while I was busily cutting gear wheels out of cardboard the other night, I had the idea of a Christmas party to show off all my hard work, create an incentive to finish it all and also to somewhat justify the effort. So now I’m writing a steampunk murder mystery Christmas party for a bunch of friends who were gratifyingly excited by the idea.*

I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this revelation about my creative attention span. Every new idea is fun and exciting and I begin all of them with the intention of finishing. And it’s not like I give up on previous projects when I begin another; they’ve all taken up residence in a clearing at the back of my mind. It’s quite a little community now and every so often one charges out of the brush and grabs my attention and I spend a bit more time working on it…Until the next idea comes along.

The problem is that advancement on any one project is slow in the face of the torrent of new ideas. It makes me feel like I won’t finish anything and I think this is the real root of what I wrote about in my last post. I’m hoping that the extra time I’ll have when I go part-time next month will give me a chance to get ahead of the inspiration stream a little.

In the meantime…



*I will post pictures.


Well, it’s happened again. Work on my storm chasing novel started to slow. I’m still in the planning and development stage. I’m spending longer planning this one than any of my earlier work because I really want to create strong, realistic characters. But I was enjoying it, plodding along. Then work happened. And a few social things. And then the biggest calamity…

Turkey strike_tonemapped

Yes, the Portentous Turkey struck again.

I was walking to the train station to go meet a writer friend (Matthew Karabache) for drinks, looked up and there was the Turkey in the middle of the road. At the time I just thought, ‘Hey! That’s hilarious!’, whipped out my phone and took a photo.


Because while drinking and talking, Matt happened to mention visual novels. I’d never heard of them before but a visual novel is sort of a cross between a computer game and those old Choose Your Own Adventure novels. The reader becomes the main character and as they read, they make choices that influence the story. They can choose to build relationships with some characters and ignore others and generally make the story as they go. All against artwork featuring the settings and characters. Each time you read one, you can make it come out differently. And, unlike the Choose Your Own Adventure books, they can and should have detailed plots and complex characters.

Isn’t that just the most exciting thing ever?! I can combine my fiction and photography into ONE EPIC MEDIUM!


It’s impossible for me to resist a new idea like this!

So the storm chasing novel is on hold while I explore this new medium and attempt to adapt an earlier novel idea into a visual novel.