This page will be updated with my progress towards my goals, which will hopefully become more ambitious the further into the forest I get.

Forest (my journey)


I want to update this blog regularly as a method of tracking progress and increasing motivation

11 January 2016

  • My blog posts are back to 1 a month, which is ok given the circumstances of the last 6 months.

24 May 2015

  • My blog posts now average 2.5 a month, which is fantastic.
  • My ongoing goal is to keep it up!

31 December 2014

  • I’ve managed to post on average once a month since I started this blog.
  • My ongoing goal is now to keep that up and work on posting twice a month.

Day job

I want to be able to devote the majority of my time to my creative pursuits–the things I have passion for.

11 January 2016

  • I had to spend the last 2 months of 2015 full-time again.
  • My part-time arrangements have been renewed until the end of February when I will have to go back to full-time.
  • My ongoing goal is to keep on creating even while working full-time again.

24 May 2015

  • I just renewed my part-time working arrangements. That’s another 6 months.
  • My ongoing goal is to spend even more time on my creative pursuits.

31 December 2014

  • I moved from full-time to 0.8 part-time work on 1 December 2014.
  • My ongoing goal is now to use the time I have effectively to continue this journey.

Online presence

I want to develop my online following and recognition so that I can get my work out into the public arena.

11 January 2016

  • Still going well as far as posting.
  • Definitely room for development, but I’m still more focused on actually producing creative works at the moment.

24 May 2015

  • I’ve kept up my posts on 500px, Instagram and this blog.
  • My ongoing goal is to interact more with other people online.

31 December 2014

  • I’ve updated this blog regularly.
  • I’ve added to my 500px gallery regularly.
  • I joined Instagram and posted regularly: nathan_chester
  • My ongoing goal is now to increase followers by creating regular, interesting posts and interacting with the amazing followers I already have.


I want to be able to regularly finish and publish stories.

11 January 2016

  • Still working on finishing things. I’ve come up with a new approach that I’m currently testing.

24 May 2015

  • Still not entirely happy with my progress in this area. I’ve got even more projects now than when I started but I still haven’t finished any.
  • My ongoing goal is to finish something!

31 December 2014

  • I have completed planning for a number of current projects.
  • I am least happy with my progress in this area. I feel that I could have done more. Hopefully, with the extra time now that I’m not working full-time I will be able to achieve more.
  • My ongoing goal is now to produce a complete manuscript.


I want to find my unique vision that sets me apart from other photographers and develop my work to a professional calibre.

11 January 2016

  • Several friends have started pushing me to exhibit my photographs in some public form or other. I’m going to investigate the possibility and see where it goes this year.

24 May 2015

  • I’ve completed some short courses in Photoshop.
  • I’m still going well with my photography and getting better all the time.
  • My ongoing goal is to keep going!

31 December 2014

  • I have completed a number of short photography courses, including ones on cityscapes, portraiture, macro and night photography.
  • I have practiced my photography regularly and posted regularly to my Instagram and 500px galleries.
  • My ongoing goal is now to keep developing my skills and to discover my unique vision.

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