First serious steps

I made it. Today was my first day off my day job because I am now officially part-time. It’s kind of exciting and still a little nerve-wracking, but overall it’s a super positive step on my journey. My secure but confining house is behind me, I’ve passed the edge of the forest and I’m heading off in between the trees.

And in a great sign of things to come, the other day I saw that my turkey spirit guide had some babies. It took me a really long time to work out what the little brown fuzzballs scurrying around the street were. It must have a nest in some very tolerant neighbour’s backyard.

I spent the entire day today processing photos from my first portraiture/personal shoot. A friend from work asked if I would be willing to photograph her young daughter. By “coincidence” the day that worked best for both of us was the Saturday right before the week I went part-time.

The shoot was unpaid–a favour to a friend–because I really wasn’t confident in my ability to take good photos of people. Up until now, my photography has focused almost totally on landscapes and weather, with the occasional still life thrown in. In the end, though, it worked out really well and I got some shots I’m really happy with.

I have taken my first serious steps on the path to becoming a professional artist/writer/photographer.


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