I’m popular!

Well, a photo of mine is.

According to 500px, anyway.

500px is the photography site I have an account with to host my photo gallery. They have a system where other members of the site can ‘like’, ‘favourite’ and/or comment on the photos you post. Depending on how many likes etc. a photo gets, the more exposure the site gives it. A certain number will move it to the category of ‘Upcoming’, which shows recent photos that are getting a lot of likes. Even more moves it to the ‘Popular’ category where it has a chance of appearing on 500px’s front page. A rare few move to the next category of ‘Editors’ Choice’, but that takes something really special given the sheer number of photos posted to the site.

Last night I posted a photo to enter the weekly theme contest–mobile phone photography–and within an hour or so it was Popular. Yay!

image (1)
I’m Popular!

This is only the second time I’ve had a Popular photo, so it’s very exciting. I periodically enter the weekly contests on 500px but I’m yet to win one. This is, however, the first time I’ve been able to enter a Popular photo. We’ll just have to see if the judges agree.

My first Popular photo



1 week later…

Turns out the judges didn’t agree and the contest went to 10 other lucky people.   : (

I’ll keep trying.

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