Begone, foul fiend!

The gritty, grey Demon of Daejobb has been winning lately. I haven’t done any writing and, up until a few days ago, almost no photography. It’s busy at work at the moment and the longer hours are making me too tired to do much other than watch TV in the evenings. Which is a crappy excuse, but there you go.

I got sick of feeling like I wasn’t doing anything creative the other day and decided to strike a blow for the Angels of Art by joining Instagram.


By its nature Instagram takes away the good old ‘lack of time’ excuse. It’s instant. You see a cool scene, you take a photo (I carry my phone everywhere), you create something beautiful and post it online. Easy, fast, creative, fun.

Not only that, Instagram opens up my photography to a huge new audience. I already have an unrelated follower (i.e. not friend or family), which is very exciting. It feels like a validation that my photography is actually decent and not simply people I know being polite.

And just like that, the Demon’s shadow lifted and I’m feeling alive again. I was even a couple of minutes late to work the other day because I stopped to take a photo of the sky. Take that, Demon!

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A speckled sky. #sky #clouds #sun #weather

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