Well, it’s happened again. Work on my storm chasing novel started to slow. I’m still in the planning and development stage. I’m spending longer planning this one than any of my earlier work because I really want to create strong, realistic characters. But I was enjoying it, plodding along. Then work happened. And a few social things. And then the biggest calamity…

Turkey strike_tonemapped

Yes, the Portentous Turkey struck again.

I was walking to the train station to go meet a writer friend (Matthew Karabache) for drinks, looked up and there was the Turkey in the middle of the road. At the time I just thought, ‘Hey! That’s hilarious!’, whipped out my phone and took a photo.


Because while drinking and talking, Matt happened to mention visual novels. I’d never heard of them before but a visual novel is sort of a cross between a computer game and those old Choose Your Own Adventure novels. The reader becomes the main character and as they read, they make choices that influence the story. They can choose to build relationships with some characters and ignore others and generally make the story as they go. All against artwork featuring the settings and characters. Each time you read one, you can make it come out differently. And, unlike the Choose Your Own Adventure books, they can and should have detailed plots and complex characters.

Isn’t that just the most exciting thing ever?! I can combine my fiction and photography into ONE EPIC MEDIUM!


It’s impossible for me to resist a new idea like this!

So the storm chasing novel is on hold while I explore this new medium and attempt to adapt an earlier novel idea into a visual novel.

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