Yoga – who knew?

I’ve discovered yoga!

Not in the original sense, of course. Just personally.

Even though I’ve been surrounded by yoga exponents, I resisted it for years. I think that was partly due to plain contrariness and partly because I’ve never enjoyed exercise. For some reason, inflicting pain on myself has never really appealed. Recently though, I’ve started to have some issues with my back. It may have something to do with the fact that my day job involves sitting in front of a computer all day. Then when I come home I break that up by sitting in front of a computer all evening. But that’s for writing so it’s totally different.

My vertebrae don’t seem to appreciate that distinction, though.

Then, for no reason I’ve been able to discern, I decided I’d give in and try yoga.

It’s amazing.

Yoga is the first form of exercise I’ve tried that feels good while you’re doing it. I love it and want to do it every day. Can you believe it? I actually want to do yoga. I look forward to yoga. I get excited about yoga. And it’s exercise! It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my back, posture and balance. I can already touch my toes (just) with straight legs. This morning I was very excited to be able to do half-moon pose without falling. I probably looked like an unstable Hills Hoist on a windy day during an earthquake but I’ve signed up to online classes and my living room furniture doesn’t secretly judge me. Of course I was never going to go to a gym.

One interesting side effect that I hadn’t anticipated is the increase in creativity. It might be the meditative state encouraged by the practice of yoga. It could also be the stimulation of physical exertion. It might even be the increased blood flow to the head because I haven’t spent this much time upside down since I was five. Whatever it is, I’ve been writing more consistently and with bigger word counts ever since I started yoga.

I think my yoga mat has found a permanent place on my living room floor–right next to my computer.



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