Camera Eye

Sometimes I struggle, in between awesome overseas adventures, to find things to photograph. Which is ridiculous. The world is full of the beautiful,  the striking, the interesting, the abstract,  and patterns and shapes and shadows and colours. When I’m at home in my hamster wheel, it’s so much harder to see all that. When everything is routine and familiar, after a while you don’t even see it any more.

My dad, who is one of the main reasons I got into photography, suffers from the same thing. The other day we decided to make a special trip to find something photo-worthy. We ended up at the Caboolture Historical Village. At the start I wasn’t overly enthused and I struggled to see anything I particularly wanted to shoot. After a while, though, my Camera Eye kicked in and we spent several happy hours snapping away. We both ended up coming home with some interesting shots.

But just now I re-read my first paragraph and it occurred to me that I could take things one step further. Instead of making a special trip to an underrated tourist site, I should try to see what’s photo-worthy in my most overlooked environment—work. And so, with a little help from a macro iPhone lens I turned my Camera Eye on my desk.

The blue folders that are currently the bane of my existence:




The hand sanitizer I use way too much of:




My headphones:




Even pencil shavings:





I need to do this more often.

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