The Zen of storm chasing

Time is the inhale and exhale of the sky.
The sky breathes in.
Your destination is wherever the wind blows.
The sky breathes in.
The endless flat earth rolls past on the curve of the horizon.
The sky breathes in.
Traverse and chart the lost and scattered dreams and faded stories.
The sky breathes in.
Form is your food, colour is your air, texture is your drink, discovery is your rest.
The sky explodes.
Clouds and cu and light and rain and wind and storm and hail and in and out and core and tails and walls and scud and spin and run and run and run and run and catch the lightning.
The sky breathes in.

Surprisingly, storm chasing in real life is not like it is in the movies or those TV shows. For some reason they leave out all the days where there’s nothing to chase and the hours and hours spent just driving, instead focussing more on flying cows and people over-dramatically screaming at the camera. To be honest, I didn’t see any of that. I did, however, see some amazing storms, some incredible landscapes, some beautiful abandoned buildings and even a couple of tornadoes.

As exciting as it sounds, for me, storm chasing was incredibly relaxing. I think it’s because the life of a storm chaser is so far from my normal existence. Not being any kind of meteorologist, I chose to go on an organised tour. (You’d be crazy to try it on your own, with or without meteorological experience, because it is dangerous – driver fatigue could get you even before you see a storm.) As with any vacation tour, having everything organised for you is a nice break from real life. But I chose the Jim Reed Tornado Photo Tour with Tempest Tours (highly recommend these guys). So for two whole weeks, the weather and photography were the only things I thought about. No work, no commute, no computer, no books – just pure creativity and the awesome, random power of nature.








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