What the F

For those of you expecting this to begin with a dramatic resignation, a shaved head and a move to an artists’ share-house in Byron Bay, let me disappoint you right now. I may totally look like Ryan Gosling but my life is not a movie. Yes, I have made the terrifying decision to leave my safe and secure 8:30am to 6:00pm day job to explore the tangled forest that is the world of a professional photographer/writer/artist. However, there will be no dramatic gestures and my leaps of faith will probably be closer to half-hearted skips. In fact, this whole process will be carefully planned and managed, probably over the course of several years.

Because my name is Nathan and I am a Control Freak.

I like my life to be organised, planned and expected, with a reliable income stream, and the actual live turkey wandering down my street right now does not bode well for that as I embark on this endeavour. I’m serious. It’s pecking at the grass around someone’s letterbox. God only knows what it’s doing there.

Anyway, I am here to prove that successful artists are just as capable of being OCD micro-managers as any unimaginative corporate bigwig. And even if I don’t succeed, at least my failure will be interesting to read about.

Portentous turkey
iPhone 5, finished in Photoshop


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